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Women's Sex Based Rights

Gender identity has largely replaced biological sex in laws around Australia. In 2013, definitions of ‘woman’ and ‘man’ were removed from the federal Sex Discrimination Act and a definition of ‘gender identity’ was added. The result for Australian girls and women has seen a loss of important rights.

  • The right to single-sex sporting competitions

  • The right to single-sex change rooms and toilets

  • The right to single-sex services such as domestic violence support groups

  • The right to single-sex prisons


These changes to society make public life more unsafe for girls and women.

  • Trans identified males commit crime – including violent crime – at the same rate as other men

  • Trans identified males are not required to undergo hormone therapy or sex reassignment surgery to be treated as ‘female’ under the law

  • Many trans identified males are heterosexual and call themselves ‘lesbians’

  • Predatory men – whether transgender or not – will take advantage of mixed sex facilities to gain access to vulnerable girls and women


Women need single-sex spaces, for privacy, dignity and safety. If women are to be safe, and to feel safe, they need to be able to say ‘No’ to any male person who wants to use a female-only space. It doesn’t matter how that male person identifies.


The consequences of gender identity laws for girls and women are horrific.

  • In the USA a 14 year old male student with a ‘gender fluid’ gender identity raped a female student in the girls’ toilets at school.

  • In the UK, convicted rapist and trans identified male, “Karen” White sexually assaulted female prisoners whilst housed in a women’s prison.

  • In the UK, an 18 year old trans identified male sexually assaulted a 10 year old girl in the women’s toilets at a supermarket.

  • Two women housed in a California prison are now pregnant after trans identified males were allowed to transfer to the women’s prison.

  • In the USA, a trans identified male entered the women’s only section of a nude spa. He had prior convictions for indecent exposure before having changed his legal sex to ‘female’.


We do not need more Australian examples of such crimes against girls and women. Gender identity laws need to be amended now.


Read women’s testimonies of what it’s like sharing spaces and services with trans identified males, and have your say:

Learn more about the loss of women’s rights in Australia:

Sign the Women's Declaration on Sex-Based Rights:


Most Australians do not support trans identified males competing in women’s sports.

  • Males are on average bigger and stronger than females – everyone knows this.

  • In contact sports, women are at increased risk of serious injury if they collide with a male competitor.

  • Testosterone suppression does not eliminate the advantages gained through male puberty.

  • The fairest and safest solution is to make men’s sport an open, inclusive category whilst keeping women’s sport for females only.

  • World Rugby has done the research on males competing in women’s sport and the results are available here.


Get in touch with Save Women’s Sport Australasia:


The transgender movement is harming children.

  • Gender non-conformity in childhood is more likely to indicate a gay or lesbian sexual orientation in adulthood rather than a transgender identity.

  • Studies consistently show that most children with gender dysphoria will outgrow the condition (between 61-98%)

  • Social transition and puberty blockers place a child on a path towards irreversible cross-sex hormones and surgeries. Psychotherapy should be the first line of treatment.

  • Puberty blockers come with a range of side effects, the most debilitating being reduced bone density and osteoporosis – the early stage of osteoporosis.

  • In the last 5-10 years, Australia has seen a sharp rise in teenage girls suddenly declaring a transgender identity and seeking medical transition. Social media and peer contagion are indicated as the most likely cause.


Learn more about the impact on children and have your say at:


The rights of lesbians and gay men are being eroded by gender identity laws.

  • In Victorian legislation, same-sex attraction has been redefined as ‘same gender attraction’ implying that lesbians should be attracted to males who have a ‘woman’ gender identity.

  • In Tasmania, lesbians are no longer allowed to hold lesbian events exclusively for women. Trans identified males must also be included.

  • Transgender activists consider same-sex attraction to be ‘transphobic’ because, for example, lesbians are not interested in dating trans identified males.

  • Many adult LGBs speak of a time in their youth where they wished they were the opposite sex. It is likely that we are medically transitioning children that would otherwise grow to be healthy lesbian, gay and bisexual adults.


Learn about the impact of gender ideology on LGBs: UK:

Protecting Children
Women's Sports
LGB Rights

These concepts around gender are not based on science or evidence - they grew out of unproven academic theories that have crept into laws and policies via pressure from activists and lobby groups.

Before previous elections, none of the major parties said they wanted to introduce these drastic changes, so voters have had no input. This is 100% undemocratic, and has led to what is, in effect, a state-sanctioned attack on women’s rights and child safeguarding.

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